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Infinity Biz & Realty Solutions

INFINITY Edge:  Commercial Real Estate & Site Development Services

Is your firm prospecting for hypermarket retail hubs?  Are you looking for that great location to your new restaurant, retail store or office complex?  Would you like to sell or trade your business? Would you like to buy another business? How much is your business or company worth? Whether your site location is for a manufacturing facility, a retail or restaurant outlet, or a commercial real estate development Infinity Biz & Realty Solutions (IBRS) can help you pick the site, purchase the property or lease the location, lay-out the facility, purchase equipment and manage the construction phase of the project. Overall project fees may vary on a project by project basis. Click on the "More Details" link below for a more detailed description of services in this area.

Minimum Service Acquisition Fee:  $5,000.00                       

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Infinity Biz & Realty Solutions

INFINITY Edge: Business Brokering & Valuations

Would you like to sell or trade your business?  Would you like to buy another business? How much is your business or company worth? Infinity Biz Realty Solutions (IBRS) will perform a valuation or an appraisal of your business, and then sell or trade your business or company. There is nothing more important to growing the value of your business than knowing the value of your business.  Small business and company owners often place either inflated price tags or rock bottoms assessments on their respective firms.  Not knowing the true value of your business can affect everything from your company's ability to attract investors or your decision to expand or contract your foot print in the marketplace.  We're former operators and executives from a variety of industries and know what drives results. Overall project fees may vary on a project by project basis. Click on the "More Details" link below for a more detailed description of services in this area.

Minimum Service Acquisition Fee:  $5,000.00

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e-Source Capital Funding Group

INFINITY Edge:  Access to Capital

e-Source Capital Funding Group (e-Source) will source project funding or help you to establish, build or rehabilitate your business credit through a Corporate Credit Program.  Clients often have great ideas for products, restaurants or retail stores or commercial real development projects like affordable housing for senior citizens.  e-Source has created a team funding partners, a network of hedge fund managers and other investors that are ready to inject capital into the right project.  One of the things that separates e-Source from its competitors is its ability to effectively package its clients to make their projects more appealing to these investors.  Give your projects a better chance of moving off the drawing board onto retail shelves or to brick & mortar.  Overall project fees may vary on a project by project basis. Click on the "More Details" link below for a detailed description of services in this area.

Corporate Capital Program Enrollment Fee:   $1,250

Personal Credit Repair:                                   $1,500

Commercial Loan Modifications:                    $2,500

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Infinity Group of GA

INFINITY Edge:  Small Business Development & Contract Management Services

The best way to ensure your business success is to have a defined strategy and detailed plan of execution.  Infinity Group of GA (IGG) will conduct feasibility studies, author business plans, and provide financial analyses for start-up, emerging and expanding businesses. Our business plans have more than a 95% approval rate from lenders.  We have three (3) levels of business of business to choose from based on content and complexity of your project.  IGG develops a consortium of independent consultants with management and leadership expertise in the restaurant, retail, and foodservice industries in a variety of disciplines including operations, real estate development, new prodcut development, franchising and marketing on a project-by-project basis. We will even run a functional area for you or your entire company to get your business back on track. Overall project fees may vary on a project by project basis. Click on the "More Details" link below for a more detailed description of services in this area.

Minimum Service Acquisition Fee:   $1,500.00 for Technical Writing Services

Minimum Service Acquisition Fee:   $3,500.00 for Project & Contract Management Services

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Johnny Ray's BBQ Under New Ownership


A local restaurant legend, Johnny Ray's has been sold to a new investment and ownership group in Central Alabama.  Johnny Ray's was founded and its first location opened in the Roebuck section of Birmingham in 1953 by Johnny Ray, Sr.  The chain is famous for its open pit barbecue, the delicious desserts (including Honey's Pies) and its home-spun customer satisfaction.  At one time there were as many as fifteen (15) locations sprinkled throughout the Greater Birmingham Area, but now only four (4) franchised locations remain.  However, the new owners, Johnny Ray's BBQ, Inc. plan to start selling new franchises immediately and is optimistic about the future expansion of the brand.  The new owners intend to eventually open a corporate office and training facility in Birmingham, AL.  Alton Shields of Infinity Biz & Realty Solutions brokered the sell of the franchise, and David Jamieson of DJ Law LLC was the closing attorney.

e-Source Capital Funding Group is Born!!


Today The INFINITY Cos., Inc. launched its latest business venture, e-Source Capital Funding Group (e-Source).  e-Source will provide funding options for commercial and investment real estate customers with unique credit challenges and assist them in funding acquisition as well as corporate restructuring, corporate credit and tax consulting.  The main focus is providing real estate ownership consulting to encourage and strengthen retention of the subject properties. On a limited basis e-Source will provide loan modifications for commercial real estate clients with real investment or holding companies.  The Corporate Credit Program will be incorporated into the e-Source portfolio of helpful tools for its clients.  In addition loan modifications, effective budgeting techniques, business finance and financial responsibility counseling will be offered to those clients in need of additional traiing.  Real estate ownership consultants have been certified through the Georgia Department of Consumer Affairs.  Every effort will be made to stem the largest transfer of real estate property ownership in the history of the USA.

Alabaster Dairy Queen Reopens as DQ Grill & Chill


Alabaster’s Dairy Queen restaurant in the Colonial Promenade shopping center reopened its doors on October 1 under new ownership as a DQ Grill & Chill after closing several months ago.  The restaurant, which originally opened in 1960 on U.S. 31 in downtown Alabaster before moving to the Promenade several years ago, closed in early 2012 after longtime franchisee Tad Cairns retired.  After the store closed, Aimee Komonce said she decided to reopen the restaurant to continue the work Cairns started.  “We thought it was important to not let his legacy go away,” said Komonce, noting she will be the restaurant’s new operator.  Komonce attended corporate franchisee training sessions before returning to Alabaster to begin hiring “between 40 and 50” restaurant employees for the store.  The restaurant is located on the northern end of the Colonial Promenade near the AmStar movie theater.  Infinity Biz & Realty Solutions consulted on the lease acquisition of the restaurant.

Johnny Ray's Opens A New Store in Pelham, AL


The Johnny Ray Companies, Inc., franchisor of Johnny Ray's, announce the opening of it's most recent franchise in the Pelham Towne Centre Shopping Center in Pelham, AL.  The restaurant is owned by Juliian Swinford, Swinford, LLC, a former franchisee and former co-owner of the Johnny Ray's-Chelsea.  Julian stated that he is confident that his previous experience as a Johnny Ray's franchise will bode well for him in his effort to serve the most delicious BBQ.  Dianne "Dee" Wood, owner of The Johnny Ray Companies, Inc. said she is ecstatic to welcome Julian back into the Johnny Ray's family and thinks that his store will be very successful.  Alton Shields of Infinity Biz & Realty Solutions handled the brokering of the franchise sale and the negotiations of the commercial real estate lease for the space with Sharp Realty Management, LLC.  The new store will occupy 3,200 square feet and represents a more modern look for the brand.

Infinity Group of GA Joins Forces with National Restaurant Funding


To further shore up its ability to offer a full line of financial services products and small business consulting to clients in the restaurant industry Infinity Group of GA (IGG) has entered into a joint venture partnership with National Restaurant Funding, LLC, based in Greenville, SC.  Rebecca Watkins is the brains and heart behind National Restaurant Funding and is its Founding Member. National Restaurant Funding offers a variety debt instruments that includes, but is not limited to, short-term merchant loans, equipment leases and working capital loans.

Rebecca will work the lender and underwriting side of the business while Alton will work directly with borrowers to properly package their loan applications and provide operations consulting to select clients.  A team of Account Executives wil be fielded in strategic cities across the country to better meet the needs of its customers.

The INFINITY Cos., Inc. Launches Infinity Capital Solutions


Today The INFINITY Cos., Inc. launched its latest business venture, Infinity Capital Solutions (ICS).  ICS will partner with Wallace Capital Funding to provide customers with a fantastic new product that will help companies take their business to the next level, the Corporate Credit Program.  Wallace Capital Funding, LLC is led by its Managing Director, Dominick Wallace.  The Corporate Credit Program will provide small to medium-sized businesses owners the ability to finally create business credit using the financial strength of their companies instead of always having to rely upon personal credit or personal guarantees.  A personal credit repair program will also be implemented by ICS to assist entrepreneurs through some of the credit bruising economic harships of the "Great Recession".

AMP Fitness Opens Its Doors in Bessemer, AL


Today marked the first day of operations for AMP Fitness Center in the 59 West Shopping Center, Bessemer, AL.  The fitness center is owned by Julius Burrell, AMP Fitness, LLC, and marks the beginning of a new business era of sorts for Julius.  With over twelve (12) years of management and business experience as one of the top general managers for Riviera Fitness, Julius decided to take his unique brand of aerobics and wellness traning to the next level by opening his own fitness center.  He worked on perfecting his idea during his off-time while making sure that he sharpened his business acumen on his "day job". Infinity Group of GA helped bring AMP Fitness to life through its high intensity project management services while Infinity Biz & Realty Solutions negotiated the lease for the 3,891 square foot space on behalf of AMP Fitness, LLC.  The landlord is Victory Real Estate Investments of Columbus, GA.

Infinity Biz & Realty Solutions Brokers The Former Castle Cleaners Sell


Congratulations to Pamela D. Allen, PDA Enterprises, LLC!!  Ms. Allen became the proud owner of the former Castle Cleaners located at 1720 3rd Avenue West, Birmingham, AL  35208.  The new dry cleaning business will be known as "Quality Cleaning for Less" and will serve the Five Points West trade area as well as all western Birmingham.  The former Castle Cleaners was open for nearly twenty (20) years in this location.  "Quality Cleaners for Less" is looking to continue this tradition well into the future by delivering outstanding customer satisfaction and focusing more on laundering services.  The transaction was financed by the previous owner, Mrs. Gladys Hildreth of Fairfield, AL; David Jamieson, DJ Law LLC, was the closing attorney; and Infinity Biz & Realty Solutions negotiated the brokering of the business sale and consulted the owner on the real estate portion of the transaction.

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Services Offered


The INFINITY Cos., Inc. provides strategic management, business development, marketing and key operations consulting services to select clients in restaurant, retail, and other service-related industries. These highly specialized services include:  Site & Commercial Real Estate Development, Business Brokering, Access to Start-up Capital & Expansion Funding, Business Start-up or Launch, and Project & Contract Management ServicesInfinity Biz & Realty Solutions (IBRS), e-Source Capital Fundng Group (e-Source) and Infinity Group of GA (IGG) are all divisions of INFINITY.

 A Talented Team of Consultants, INFINITY, is dedicated to making your business soar to new heights. Through the powers of a consulting we have the ability to address the needs of independent business persons, small companies, and/or corporations. We firmly believe that the current financial market will create many opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses in the near future. IBRS, e-Source and IGG have positioned themselves to handle the demands of this small business boom.  IBRS is a small business advisory group member of the Birmingham Business Resource Center, and IGG is a business development leader with DeeperROOT Capacity Building, CDC in Atlanta, GA.

Atlanta and Birmingham are both symbols of the new southern progressive commerce and entrepreneurism that have attracted many companies from all over the country.  IBRS has been a member of the Birmingham Business community for the past ten (10) years. The city is primarily a financial services hub. However, in recent years medical industry has flourished.  To better serve its expanding client base of small business boom entrepreneurs and the geographic demands of its projects throughout the southeast, IGG was launched in 2009.  The probability of its clients having the inside track on available funds for project development and implementation e-Source was born in the spring of 2012.  Atlanta, one of the the fastest growing cities in the USA, is the home of both e-Source and IGG, and it offers a myriad of business opportunities for entrepreneurs and companies alike.

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